Adjustable Kettlebell Review


The advantage of a adjustable kettlebell over a normal kettlebell is that you don’t need to buy multiple kettlebells. 

With one kettlebell, you can start your kettlebell journey and keep increasing the weight as you need it. 

It can be used by kettlebell beginners and experts. As compared to an individual kettlebell, an adjustable kettlebell is more expensive. But when you consider that you only need to buy one, it is worth the price. 

Adjustable Kettlebell Reviews

Let’s check the best adjustable kettlebells on the market today. 

Bow Flex Select Tech Review


The Bow Flex Select Tech Adjustable kettlebell is a neat piece of equipment. This is due to the fact that it replaces 6 kettle bells and requires minimum space for storage. You don’t have to purchase an entire set of gym equipment.

You can perform a variety of exercises with only one single piece of equipment. It has a metal sturdy wide handle. This gives you the ability to do both single handed & double handed exercises.

As for the features, it has a mechanical dial on the top. This allows you to select different metal weights ranging from 8 to 40 lbs. This technology allows you to adjust the weight accordingly to increase in your strength, cardio, endurance & body toning.

The dial also has both numbers i.e. kilo and pound option. The metal plates are coated with a durable coat to avoid damage.

This kettlebell helps make a quick switch from one exercise to next and also allows you to perform various full body workouts. You can set the weights from 8, 12, 20, 35, & 40 as per your requirement. This allows you to perform various functional exercises like squats, curls, swings and much more.

The kettelbell delivers a great workout experience especially if you mainly perform double handed exercises like kettlebell squats and swings.

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Titan Fitness Kettlebell Review


Titan Fitness strives to be one of the top providers of quality and fitness equipment. This Titan Fitness Kettlebell Weight is not only used for arm workouts but can also be used for abs, core, legs and even back workouts. You can strengthen your muscles all over your body with the Titan Fitness kettlebell.

It is a product for anyone and everyone, new or veteran trainer. It is an amazing add-on to your workout material. You can use it at home as your personal equipment or in a group fitness class. The best part of it is that it can be used by both men and women for their workout.

It has 6 drop cast iron plates which are easy to remove and add to increase or decrease the kettlebell weight. To make sure that the plates stay in place while you workout, they are held with a heavy duty clamp that is made of plastic. Though the material is plastic, it is extremely durable. You can build great muscles in a convenient way. You can do so after work at home or at your gym.

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Newme Fitness Adjustable Kettlebell Handle


The Newme kettle bell handle is a unique piece of equipment used for home workouts. You can use your dumbbell and barbell weights from home. This makes the product cost effective and saves a lot of space at home. On the other hand, regular kettlebells aren’t adjustable and for a varied workout you’ll need a whole set of sizes making it very expensive.

This product is made with high quality solid durable metal. It is built for heavy workouts so that it last for many years. It fits comfortably in your hand. With an adjustable kettlebell, having a solid grip in your hands is essential.

This product has a screw-in clamp which has a very tight hold making the heaviest of weights very secure. Thus, making you feel confident and safe when using this handle. The handle works with 1 inch plate varying plates so you can change your workout easily.

Depending on the thickness of the plate, it can hold up to approximately 6.25 inches in total. This versatile and innovative tool can be used for high intensity workouts. Therefore, helping you get fit quicker, lose fat, build muscle and tone and tighten your body.

Finally, this product will help you achieve maximum muscle growth and start seeing the results you want sooner.

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Apex Adjustable Heavy-Duty Exercise Kettlebell


Get a healthier, toned and muscular body with the Apex Adjustable Kettlebell. It’s designed to take your training to the next level. This innovative tool boasts an ergonomic construction that makes it ideal for circuit training, strength training and a variety of workouts.

You can perform swings, Russian swings, goblet squats, lunge presses, Russian twists, floor presses, windmills, slingshots, and more to target specific muscle groups.

The product has a 15 lb weight handle, 4 spacer disk that can be removed, and a bottom plate of 5 lb. This makes it perfect for both beginners and advanced workouts. This weighted kettlebell also features a U-shaped bar handle that is designed to facilitate superior gripping. Its textured, powder-coated surface offers you a solid non slip grip.

Its durability and textured surface don’t cause wear and tear easily. This makes the kettlebell extremely reliable and it will last you for years.

You can customize your workout without having any trouble with this weight gear! You can easily adjust the weight of the equipment by replacing the spacer disks with your preferred weight plates. You can insert any standard size 1 inch weight plate that weighs 2.5, 5, or 10 pounds.

Using this equipment for gym sessions at home will surely enhance your body and get you in shape. You won’t have to leave home to enjoy the benefits of intense workouts.

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Pinroyal Kettlebell Handle Review


This professional 3 in 1 gym equipment can be used for personal or professional work out training, a connecting rod turns the kettlebell into dumbbell and also into a push-up stand. It can be used for various workouts like toning, fat burning and full body workouts. You can get a gym-like fitness workout without spending a lot of money.

A regular 1-inch dumbbell plate can be installed and adjusted to your preference. This enhances the workout allowing you to target specific muscle groups. The maximum weight used could be up to 44 lbs.  This equipment is friendly for beginners and even professional users. You achieve that full body workout and fitness strengthening goals.

The high-quality iron used to make this kettlebell grip ensures the maximum safety and non-slip grip. This perfect grip protects you from any injury while working out. Another great feature is the wide handle thick rubber sleeve making exercising easier.

The innovative design makes the equipment easy to dismantle and install promptly. It has two collars which make the handle sturdier and stronger. This equipment can be easily used by everyone who wants to save time by working out at home or even when travelling.

The items included in this package are 2 collars (nuts), 2 handles and two bases.

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Shanchar Kettlebell Review


This kettle bell is a great piece of home equipment. Its small design makes it easy to store and is space efficient. It is suitable for both men and women and also be used at both home and gym.

The kettlebell is easily adjustable with weights ranging from 10 lbs up to 45 lbs. It also has a rubber base to protect you from injury.

Using this kettlebell is convenient. All you need to do is open the safety lock, arrange the weights according to your preference and lock it. This takes 20 seconds to complete thus making it easy and simple to use. The variety in weight range can be used to target specific muscles. Various exercises like rows, swings, squats can be performed with this kettlebell.

The equipment is made with high quality cast iron making it very sturdy. The material gives you an excellent feeling of durability and strength. The handle has a great ergonomic design. It is slip resistance hence giving it a stronger and confident feel.

This great piece of equipment can help to achieve that fitter body. The adjustable weights can help you work out better. Gradually increasing weight helps your body grow stronger.

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As you can see above, there are many excellent adjustable kettlebells on the market for your workout. The best overall adjustable kettlebell is the Bowflex SelectTech. If you are looking for a budget option, then go for the NewMe Kettlebell. If you plan to use the kettlebell a lot then go for the Apex Kettlebell as it is the most durable. 

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