Best Kettlebell Brands


When it comes to fitness and health, we all are a bit conscious about the products and the brands we choose. After-all, it’s our fitness at the end of the day.

Kettlebell workout fans like me might have had those times where they made the wrong choice of brand and faced the consequences later on.

Yes, it’s understandable that with the varied options of brands available on the market, it can get a little too intimidating to find the best of Kettlebells from these brands in the market. 

To help you figure that out, this article will tell you about 5 of the best Kettlebell brands so that you know exactly where to get what you wish for!

Best 5 Kettlebell Brands

Let’s check the best five kettlebell brands on the market today. 

Rogue Fitness Kettlebell Review


The Rogue Fitness has been in the market for over a few decades now. Its mission has always been to keep on manufacturing great products that benefit the health of its consumers.

As this brand has been firm since such a long time, majority of the people have developed that faith and trust in it, because of the rapport they maintain with their customers.

All the equipment they manufacture is of high quality. When it comes to their Kettlebells, you are assured that they are the best in terms of quality.

The Rogue Fitness has a large variety of weight sizes available for the kettlebells. Each and every one of them is made with strong and single cast iron constructed into one strong piece. This prevents it from getting damaged or broken off easily.

They do not make use of any plastics caps or patches like a few of the lower standard products do.

Hard-work and effort is put in manufacturing them so perfectly so as to match the requirements of their customers. Working out with the Rogue Fitness Kettlebells is a great experience.

Not only do you reach your fitness mission but also have the fun and joy when you work out with these kettlebells.

This is one of most important reasons why these kettlebells get ranked as one of the best kettlebells in the market!

Onnit Kettlebell Review


ONNIT is widely popular and is a famous brand. At ONNIT, they believe that each moment matters to what you become. Their mission is to empower individuals with a holistic philosophy related to their physical as well as overall well-being. 

And for that they believe that their customers must have an access to the best tool and the knowledge regarding how to use them.

ONNIT manufactures stunning and unique kettlebells as compared to competition on the market. These kettlebells not only posses the quality needed but also have a different look themselves.

You might have seen the usual round bottom kettlebells with wide handles at the top, but at ONNIT you also get different face shaped kettlebells that add to the elegance and charm of it.

The very thought of exercising with these kettlebells brings out the enthusiasm within. The construction, the price, the look, everything about these kettlebells is amazing and can be trusted blindly.

The best part of these kettlebells is that they provide you with the quality workout you want. At the same time they also improve the look of your house or gym or any other place where you workout.

ONNIT also offers online body workouts, for those who prefer getting on their fitness track from the comfort of their home. These online workouts help their customers to get the optimum level of satisfaction and happiness without having to go to a gym or a training center.

Yes4All Kettlebell Review


When you have had an unhealthy living filled with junk food and snacks as your best partner and are in a desire to let go of it, the YES4ALL kettlebells are right there to meet your needs.

The very name of the brands tells you that this company is for all. All your health related problems, issues of finding the perfect exercising tool, etc. can be solved here.

The YES4ALL builds wonderful kettlebells and have sets of up to six different kettlebells at a single time. You might have seen kettlebells in different shapes, sizes or even colors, but have you seen a single kettlebell that could do the work of six different kettlebells? Here’s exactly where you could find that.

The YES4ALL not only manufactures kettlebells of various weights, but it also manufactures a single kettlebell that can be adjusted to the 6 different weights as per your convenience. You could easily use the kettlebell for a 5lbs weight and the same kettlebell for an intensive 30lbs weight workout.

Also the safety lock provided is very easy to use and manage unlike the other low quality adjustable kettlebells on the market. Isn’t that just a mind-blowing thing?

This is one of the main reasons why the YES4ALL is rated so high. It clearly does justice to its name. These, kettlebells can be used not only by the beginner level customers but also by the athletes and sportsmen in training.

They can be used for a variety of exercises as well, such as the swings, pushups, dead-lifts, snatches, etc.

CAP Barebell Kettlebell Review


Cap Barbell has been a leading distributer of exercising equipment for over 25 years. Their equipments are trustworthy and also of great durability. Majority of the people choose Cap Barbell when it comes to fitness tools.

The weights are durable and long lasting. They have a sturdy and flat surface. The handles of the Kettlebell are quite wide as well. They are easy to use both for males as well as females.

You can do your swings single handedly as well as double handedly with no discomfort.

Most of the fitness articles and reviews talk about how Kettlebells aren’t meant for beginners, but when it comes to the Cap Barbell Kettlebell even a newbie could use it effortlessly.

The matte finish and beautiful looks of the kettlebell, increase the charm and the elegance of it. There are quite a few reasons why these kettlebells are rated so high, but one reason that catches the attention is that these kettlebells are well engineered to reach the perfect proportion and are created with the use of high-quality material.

Many gyms have Cap Barbell Kettlebells because of all its features and characteristics. If you are planning to workout at home or even if you are planning to work-out on a trip, getting a pair of Cap Barbell Kettlebells is a great idea.

They can be stored anywhere with complete ease, whether in a drawer or a cupboard, etc.

All in all, Cap Barbell is a great brand if you are planning on buying the ideal Kettlebells for your workout.   

Dragon Door Kettlebell Review


Dragon door kettlebells are well-known on the market for their superior uncompromising quality products. They suit all body types and are definitely the best product if you are looking to achieve your fitness goals within a short period of time. 

You can perform rigorous exercises using this product and they are also beneficial in full-body training. A glance at it and you would be able to understand the vast difference in quality of this kettlebell as compared to others available on the market. 

They also have certified trainers to provide training to the new entrants in this field which is truly appreciable. 

Dragon door kettlebells have durability which is significantly higher than most of the cheap bells and those who have used them will never settle for anything less.

As a company Dragon Door has been in the market for quite some time and has successfully managed to develop a place for itself among the people.

One of the best features of this brand is that it does not settle for low standard material. They make sure to provide their customers with the best of all Kettlebells as well as other exercising equipments.

The Kettlebells are e-coated. This prevents them from getting rusted or even developing patches in the long run. The feel itself of these kettlebells is different and unique. It is available is rich matte finished look that adds an allure to its elegance.

If we talk about the price factor, even that doesn’t stand an obstacle. These kettlebells are not only one of the best on the market, but they are also quite affordable and reasonable.

If you’re looking for quality Kettlebells that could fit in your budget, here’s exactly where you could make your wish come true!


I hope this write-up helps you sort out your choices and make the best choice for your fitness and health regimes. The above mentioned brands have the best kettlebells that you can find today.

You wouldn’t have any regrets if you give any of these brands a try. Many people out there have tried and fallen in love with the products they have purchased from these brands. It is indeed worth a try. Now that you have clarity about the best kettlebell brands on the market, you can also check the best kettlebell gear on the market. 

Never compromise with your health and personal work-out goals. You deserve the best and only the best. Good luck!

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