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Are you planning to add Kettlebell Training to your routine exercises? Confused, where to start, and which is the best kettlebell size to use? 

This article will help you to pick the right kettlebell for you. Step by step, I will explain to you the different sizes of kettlebells and the one best suited for you.

Kettlebell training is different from other training. It is a full-body movement exercise, so you are using many muscle groups at the same time. 

You are using your upper body, lower body and for a majority of lifts, you are using your core. You should exercise under the guidance of a trained kettlebell professional. 

The kettlebell is available in different sizes and weights. Like other weight training equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and steel maces. 

The kettlebell size depends upon age, gender, workout goal, and general fitness. Choose your kettlebell according to your age, gender, current fitness level, and goal.

Standard Kettlebell Sizes:

Standard kettlebell sizes range in 4lbs to 5lbs increments. It starts with a 5lbs weight and goes up to 100lbs weight. Some companies are manufacturing 200lbs weight kettlebells. But this is for those who used to heavy weight training. 

Those who are strong enough to balance the weight of the kettlebell. These days you get all weight ranges of kettlebells in the market. 

This helps you to choose a kettlebell according to your comfort. Even the children can choose kettlebells according to their age.

Kettlebell sizes which are available in the market are

5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100lbs (200lbs)

9, 13, 18, 26, 35, 40, 44, 53, 62, 70, 80, 88, 97lbs

Points to Consider While Choosing a Kettlebell and the Best Size

  1. General Fitness:

Your general fitness is an important point to consider before choosing a kettlebell. You should not overlook it. As mentioned above, you get all sizes and weight kettlebells. 

Healthy people can manage and carry any weight kettlebell. But if you have health issues, then you cannot manage huge weights. It is risky to carry heavy weight kettlebells. You might injure yourself while training. 

If you have a knee or back problem, you need to take precautions. Take your doctor and trainer’s guidance, to select a kettlebell. Go for one according to your fitness stability.

  1. Kettlebell Size for a Beginner:
  • Male Beginner:

A male beginner can start with a 23lbs (i.e. 10kg) weight kettlebell or 27lbs (i.e. 12kg) weight kettlebell. For leg exercises, he can start with a 36lbs (i.e. 16kg) weight kettlebell.

  • Female Beginner:

A female beginner can start with a 14lbs (i.e.6kg) weight kettlebell or an 18lbs (i.e. 8kg) weight kettlebell. This is not too heavy nor too light. For leg exercise, she can start with a 27lbs (i.e. 12kg) weight kettlebell.

  • Senior Beginner:

A male senior beginner can start with a 20lbs to 26lbs weight kettlebell. A female senior beginner can start with 15lbs to 18lbs weight kettlebells.

  • Child Beginner:

In the case of children, kettlebell exercises depend on the age of the child. It starts from 5lbs to 20lbs weight kettlebells for the age group of 5 to 16 years old children. Children should do simple exercises.

  1. Kettlebell Size for Men:

The average active man of 18 years and above, can start Kettlebell exercises with any weight. He can start with a 24lbs weight. If the person is an athlete, he can start with a 35lbs weight. Healthy men can challenge any weight. 

You start with a weight that is suitable for your fitness and skill level. This will help you to learn the proper techniques of a kettlebell. Over a period, you can increase the size of the kettlebell as you master it.

  1. Kettlebell Size for Women:

A healthy female from the age of 18 years can start from 13lbs to 18lbs weight kettlebell. You should carry the right weight kettlebell. It should not be too heavy nor too small. 

For some women, this might be light. So you should choose according to your strength and fitness ability.

  1. Kettlebell for Seniors:

Being a senior, you should start with lighter weights. So that you can avoid injuries. You can increase the weight of the kettlebell as you improve your strength and form. 

The average senior male can start with a 20lbs to 26lbs weight kettlebell. A female senior can start with a 15lbs to 18lbs weight kettlebell. The seniors should go for cardio-based kettlebell workouts. If you have a joint problem, it is better to go for lighter weights.

  1. Kettlebell Size for Children:

Many manufacturers have started manufacturing kettlebells for children. It begins from 5lbs weight. The size of the kettlebell depends on the age and fitness of the child. Also, take the guidance of a professional to choose their kettlebells. 

If the children are between 5 to 8 years old, they can start with 5lbs to 8lbs weight kettlebell. The children between 9 to 11 years old can begin with 5lbs to 15lbs weight kettlebell. 

If the children are between 12 to 16 years old, they can start with 10lbs to 20lbs weight kettlebells.

  1. Your Weightlifting Experience:

Kettlebell exercise depends on your weightlifting experience. If you are new to kettlebell and weight training, you should not start with heavy kettlebells. 

Exercise with lighter kettlebells till you learn the proper technique of the training. An experienced person in weight training can start with heavier weights.

  1. Your Reason Behind Kettlebell Training:

You should know the reason behind your kettlebell training. Do you want it for improving cardiovascular strength? It can be to gain more physical strength, to improve flexibility, or for weight loss. This will help you to choose the right kettlebell for you.

To achieve the real benefits of the kettlebell, you should not go for too light a kettlebell. Exercise with a proper kettlebell according to your age, gender, and fitness level. You can also check our review on Rogue Kettlebells.

The above points will help you to select the right sized kettlebell for you and perfect your form. I hope article has helped you to decide the right size kettlebell for your family and yourself. It is easy to go for the most famous on the market but make sure that you buy one that works for you. Happy exercising!!

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