Dragon Door Kettlebell Review


Getting done with the daily part of work-out is a must for many people. And in order to get that level of work-out done, choosing the perfect equipment is of great importance.

The Dragon Door Kettlebells are the best kettlebells on the market today. They just suit all body types and can easily match the stamina and energy workout schedule you have been looking for.

If you are in search of rigorous exercises and full body training, this is the ideal product for you. In a short period of time, you could achieve the goal you had set for your workout regime with complete efficiency.

There might be a huge variety of kettlebells available on the market, and you could try all of them until you end up to the Dragon Door Kettlebell which is no doubt the best one could get.

Dragon door has been on the market for a very long period of time now and its kettlebells are known for being strong and tough. Apart from manufacturing Kettlebells, the company also publishes information and ways through which you could increase your fitness performance as well as attain the results you want.

What Makes Dragon Door Kettlebell Different From Others?

The fascinating thing about the Dragon Door kettlebell is that the very first time you use it, you will feel the difference. Not only in the way it looks and its construction but also in the extraordinary feel that it gives. It can give you the high-end training you want.

They are completely rust-free and therefore won’t cause any problems while you use them. There might be many other brands available, but most of the gyms and training centers make use of the Dragon Door RKC Kettlebells.

Construction and Finish of the Dragon Door Kettlebell

They are constructed in such a manner that they can last for the longest period of time. These kettlebells are e-coated and so there is no possibility of it getting any patches or even the paint coming off.

Now I know that many other Kettlebells sold on the market too are E-coated, but they still lack the finish and quality needed in a kettlebell.

It is available in rich black color that enhances it elegance and makes it look more stylish.

The Dragon Door kettlebells are all single cast iron, and aren’t like majority of the regular bells that have the handle separately attached to the weight. This reduces the chances of it falling and breaking into two parts.

They are designed specifically to provide you the option of doing a large number of exercises, such as swinging, snatching, weight-lifting, squats, push-ups, etc. They are available in various weights and sizes as per your needs.

Performance and Durability of the Dragon Door Kettlebell

The performance level given by these kettlebells is outstanding. They could be used indoor as well as outdoor. Many gym trainers and trainees talk about the convenience and the comfort these kettlebells provide.

They also last longer than the ordinary kettlebells. You can make complete rough tough use of it and yet it would last without any blemishes for the longest period of time.

Price Factor of the Dragon Door Kettlebell

The Dragon Door Kettlebells aren’t as cheap as the kettlebells of other brand, but yet again it is completely worth the price. The other companies could satisfy your budget, but won’t be able to match the perfection level you are looking for.

When it comes to the Dragon Door RKC Kettlebells, here you get the best of quality with no compromise. With these kettlebells you can easily kick off all your planned workout goals.

Unlike other kettlebells, these bells don’t require high maintenance and you don’t have to worry of facing any wear and tear in the equipment.

Other Features of the Dragon Door Kettlebell

With regards to space, these kettlebells are highly space-saving and can be easily stored. Especially in places like small houses or apartments, this is the perfect product you could look for.

Apart from all this, the one feature that catches my attention is the ability of these kettlebells to make exercising fun. Many of the equipment do posses the quality and durability needed, but not all kettlebells can give you the fun and enjoyable experience you want while completing your daily exercises.

They also have an elegant look that adds up to its glory. It is suitable to the general people as well as to the athletes and sportsmen in practice.

The Dragon Door kettlebells differ from the competition kettlebells. Those kettlebells are all of the same size irrespective of their weights but when it comes to the dragon door kettlebells; their sizes differ with the respective weights. 

A kettlebell weighing 20 kgs will be small in size when compared to a kettlebell that weighs 34 kgs. This not makes it easy to identify to different weights but also makes the kettlebells look attractive and simple to use.

Wrapping Up

Overall speaking, this is an outstanding product which goes easy on your finance if you look to the long time aspect. It’s a onetime purchase, and you will have no regrets after investing in this equipment.

These are highly effective products apt for the ideal fitness training which can be carried out within the comforts of your home or even your gym station. As for people who are busy day-in and day-out, having such kettlebells that cater to all their requirements, whether it is space saving, easy to use, durable, etc is the best thing one could think of.

The packaging and shipment of this product too is great. The Dragon Door makes sure you get your order in its perfect condition. You could anytime ask for replacement if the package is damaged by any chance.

At a personal level, I highly recommend the Dragon Door RKC Ketllebells for amateurs as well. If you are a beginner to the fitness world, these products are the best gift you could gift yourself with. It will definitely compensate you with the best of health results and the most amazing experience you might ever get while working out. You can also check our review on Cap Kettlebells.

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