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Almost all the people all around the world may have heard or know about Jillian Michaels as a very popular television personality. She is well known as an author, a business woman, etc.

But apart from all of this, she even is a fitness trainer having her very own empire. She has set a great example for many people out there who want to be fit and are dying to get set into that fitness spirit.

She also has a podcast, DVDs and even books that help in this fitness process. They assist the people to know and learn more about fitness training. Her app too is very supportive and simple to use.

This is just the basics, but she also has a line of equipment, that include Kettlebells and other exercising equipment that are in great demand these days. If you are looking for a way out to get in shape and have a perfect body, here’s exactly the equipment that could benefit you.

The Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Set

The Jillian Michaels line makes one of the finest quality kettlebells. It comes in a set of 3 Kettlebells, in the sizes 5lb, 10lb and 15lb. This set can cater to all your needs at one time. Especially for the ones who are completely new to the fitness world, this is the ultimate set.

You could start off from a lower level by exercising with the 5lb Kettlebell and then slowly and steadily move to 10 and finally to fifteen. This pack could be called a starter’s bliss, but at the same time it is also a lovely set to compliment your gym or house in order to complete the remaining set.

These Kettlebells are not constructed out of cast iron, yet are very strong enough to handle all your tough work outs. There is nothing you could lose when purchasing the Jilian Michaels Kettlebells.

Features of the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell

The Jillian Michael Kettlebells are made of vinyl. Although they aren’t the same like other kettlebells, they still are very long lasting. They have pretty wide handles which makes it very easy and strong to grip.

While buying a kettlebell, this is the first priority that comes in mind of almost everybody. What’s the use if you purchase a kettle that is elegant to the eye, but the handle isn’t comfortable enough for you to use it?

This would not only be a waste of your money but also a loss on the part of the time and quality of exercise you wanted to accomplish.

These kettlebells come with a special tray which makes it really simple to store them. Many-a-times, people find it difficult to store and maintain the kettlebells appropriately.

With The Jillian Michael’s Kettlebells that is no longer a problem. You could effortlessly store your Kettlebells without spending any extra penny for it. No longer will you have to worry about them being scattered here and there. This tray not only makes storing easy for you, but at the same time also enhances the beauty and look of your gym or place of workout.

There is also another special feature available that is not seen mostly when it comes to other kettlebells on the market.

The Jullian Kettlebells Set comes with a DVD that explains you the perfect workout with Jillian Michaels. It also provides tips and ideas you could follow in order to reach the goal you have set for your workout regime. This particular feature is very useful for starters and also for those who have taken up working out after a small break.

Jillian Michaels Kettlebell Design

The texture and the look of these kettlebells are classy and stylish. One of the best characteristics of these kettlebells apart from the looks and the quality is that they can be cleaned easily because of the vinyl coat. The vinyl coat also gives the kettlebells a well furnished and gorgeous appearance.

These Kettlebells have a different border color for every weight, such as, the color yellow for the kettlebell weighing 5lb, the color green for the kettlebell weighing 15lb, etc.

This feature makes it very convenient for people to pick out the exact weight they need without having to waste any time while exercising.  

Performance and Training of the Jillian Michaels Kettlebell

These Kettlebells are very easy to use and could meet with your workout demands. The Jillian Michaels program Shred-it with weights is very helpful for many people.

Many of the celebrities too say that these sessions are of 30 minutes, but the workout is intense and also help in burning fat. The routines are fun, enjoyable and even adaptable.

The approach that Jillian Michaels has is what that attracts majority of the people to this program. The way she motivates and guides to use the kettlebells appropriately and make the maximum out of it is just fabulous.

With the help of the DVD, the podcasts and many other such qualities, The Jillian Michaels Kettlebells set has become a high-demand kettlebell set.

They build up your muscles and support all your intense trainings with complete ease. These kettlebells also cater to your needs of losing weight at the proper places and getting in the perfect figure and size you dream of.

You could do a huge variety of exercises with these kettlebells, whether it is swings or weight lifting or even push-ups for that matter. The base of these kettlebells too is pretty sturdy and remains firm once kept.

You wouldn’t have to worry about them rolling over the ground or causing any other issues. This set is a great example of having all your requirements in a box. It is basically everything and anything you could ask for. You can also check our review on Dragon Door Kettlebells.

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