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The recent pandemic time allowed people time to concentrate more on physical fitness even while staying indoors. Physical fitness is important to keep immune system strong.

Along with a nutritious diet it is important to indulge in regular work out, even if it means walking your dog in evening or early morning jog or any activity that makes you sweat.

Some prefer to indulge in hard core exercise while some prefer to take it slow. Be it walking, running, indulging in a sport or working out in a gym, it is important to allocate some time towards keeping body fit.

Some exercise equipment can be best used in gym while some can be easily used at home work out. Kettlebell is a kind that fits in both categories.

Kettlebell finds its origin in Russia and slowly it has started to gain attention of fitness industry from all over the world.

There are many companies involved in kettlebell manufacturing. However Kettlebell Kings stands out amongst the competitors due to their world class quality kettlebells and amazing customer service.

What is Kettlebell Kings?

Kettlebell Kings, located in Austin, Texas is enthusiastically involved in everything that is to do with Kettlebells and other fitness products.

By constant research and customer feedback they keep improvising the kettlebells. They have wide range of Kettlebells which is sold with no shipping charge and with lifetime guarantee.

The two major products they make are
A) Powder Coat Kettlebells made from iron
B) Competition Kettlebells made from steel


Kettlebell Kings Powder Coated Kettlebells are made using single block of cast iron. And not by traditional way of joining handles separately. The benefit of casting from single piece is there are no welding marks, inserts or plugs. Hence there is no chance of handle breaking in future and any wedges or uneven surface.

Gravity cast is the process Powder Coat Kettlebells are made from. What this means is kettlebell will be accurate in weight and dimension and there is no irregularity.

The casting process also removes any irregularity or imperfection. Smooth finish is achieved at the end of this process. Your hands remain protected because of regular surface and smooth finish.

Powder coating is then applied on iron. This coating ensures the iron remains scratch free and rust free for years to come.

While working out with powder coated kettlebells, you feel firm grip on handle even without using chalk. 


Competition Kettlebells is made from single cast of steel. There are no fillers or sawdust used in the process. Ordinary kettlebells available in market make use of fillers which eventually come loose and the weight of kettlebell becomes disproportionate.

Competition kettlebells with weight more than 40kg and above use lead as filler. But lead is used in minimal quantity and steel is in more quantity.

Just like Powder Coat Kettlebells, Competition Kettlebells is also made with Gravity cast technique ensuring even distribution of weight throughout the kettlebell and smooth finish.

A Competition Kettlebell has a handle of 35mm diameter. They are separately coloured based on the weight of kettlebells.   

Whatever be the weight of Competition Kettlebells they are all made up of same size. Only the weight varies, obviously, and rest dimensions are kept same. This is to ensure uniform training experience.

The base of Powder coated and Competition Kettlebells is flat and machine finished. Hence these kettlebells rest firmly on surface and are easy to store.

Weight of the Kettlebell Kings

Kettlebell Kings Powder Coat Kettlebells have weight range from 5lb to 100lb. Competition Kettlebells are available from 18lb to 106lb weight.

Weight and company logo is mentioned on the front and back side of Kettlebell Kings. The company logo and weight is very wisely engraved or recessed inwards and not outwards. This prevents feeling uncomfortable while working out.

Based on your physique and personal health goals you can opt for the weight that best fits your training need.

Who can use the Kettlebell Kings?

Kettlebell Kings are designed in such a way that these can be used by anyone. If you are just a beginner and just started to take fitness lessons you can use these kettlebells. Or you are someone who is fitness enthusiast and does rigorous workout almost daily then you can also use Kettlebell Kings.

These kettlebells can be used for various exercises like stretching, weight lifting, strength building, muscle toning, athletic workout, etc.

Kettlebell Kings is single piece equipment which is sufficient for almost entire body workout. Men and women of all age groups can use these kettlebells.

Individuals at home as well as gym goers can use Kettlebell Kings.

How to use the Kettlebell Kings?

Single handed exercise as well as two handed exercises can be done using Kettlebell Kings.

Swinging with Kettlebells Kings using both hands is one form of work out that can be done. The other form of exercises with kettlebells include lifting kettlebells overhead, Farmer’s walk (holding kettlebells on side and walking), squatting while holding single kettlebell with both hands, stretching, Lunge Press, etc.

There are various training courses offered by Kettlebell Kings on their website that you can enrol in. They not only manufacture kettlebells but also ensure you get to learn correct and effective way to use Kettlebells. That is some different level of passion they have for kettlebells!!

Kettlebell Kings when used correctly and consistently will help you achieve your fitness goals. Building stamina, strengthening core, muscle toning, cardio, shoulder, arms, biceps, hips exercise and much more could be achieved using Kettlebell Kings.


Kettlebell Kings can be used by any age group for light workout as well as rigorous and competition level workout. It has weight range starting from 5lb up to 106 lb.

These Kettlebells are easy to store.  Since these are compact you can carry these kettlebells if you are travelling and do not want to miss out on your training.

Based on your training need you can either opt for Powder Coated Kettlebell or Competition Kettlebell. Lifetime guarantee is one of the major bonus points you can look out for. Of course free shipping is not something you will fail to notice! You can also check our review on Jillian Michaels Kettlebells.

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