Kettlebell Vs Dumbbell


Want to know which is better? Kettlebell vs Dumbbell? Let’s find out.

Are you too also in search of the ideal exercising equipment based on your body and the type of exercises you do? Many-a-times we just end up following people and different advertisements and make the wrong choices.

The gym and other training centers have a large variety of equipment, but knowing which one is perfect for you is a major task. Kettlebells as well as dumbbells are great tools for exercising, but does that mean they are meant for all people? Absolutely not.

The major question that comes here is, is a kettlebell or a dumbbell better for me? It is important for you to know how exactly each tool works and support your fitness regime.

You are at the right place to get all your answers and select the equipment that’s ideal for you.

Let’s get started on comparing the kettlebell vs dumbbell.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – Movements

Movements Associated with Kettlebells

If you’re the one who wants intensive workouts, the one that pushes your body limits; kettlebells are just perfect for it. As a matter of fact, swings are really great in order to increase heart-rate.

There are also a few specific kettlebells that focus on certain muscle groups and movements, leading to high level workout regimes.

Kettlebell swings and presses benefit your entire body by providing the perfect tension and relief at the same time while working out.

While using kettlebells, make sure you take as minimum rest as you can, because that affects the result you would actually want to get from your workout. If you are a beginner, do not go directly for the higher weights. 

That can be too much on yourself and the results might be reversed. Start with the basic lower weights, and then slowly move on higher weights to increase your muscular movements as well your heart-rate.

Also, as you can use the same kettlebell to perform more than one kind of intensive exercise, it results in a cardio workout much better than that compared to dumbbells.

The Dumbbells: General Movements

When it comes to dumbbells, they can be used for large variety of exercises. Due to this particular reason, they are seen largely at almost all the gyms you could visit. They also have a long life as compared to that of kettlebells.

These mostly focus on the arm muscles. You could do chest presses, squats or even shoulder presses with dumbbells. Both the kettlebell and the dumbbell are quite ideal for working out, but the advantage over here is that the weight is equally distributed on both sides and you will not face any disadvantages, because you will not be swinging the weights.

The movements done with the dumbbells are pretty simple and convenient for everybody, right from the beginners to the trainers. If you are just a newbie in the fitness world, I would personally suggest you to get started with dumbbells rather than kettlebells.

They are way easier to use and also are a good choice to begin your into the weight-training goal. Dumbbells are also much more stable than compared to kettlebells.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – Handles

The Handle Construction: Kettlebells

If you actually want to understand the difference and the importance of these two equipment, you got to start from the basics i.e. the construction.

Both the kettlebells and the dumbbells have a different design which in turn plays a very important role in the benefits they provide. The kettlebells are made in such a manner that the weight is at the bottom and the handle is on top.

The handle also has a wide area to hold on to, so that you may get a firm grip whether it is single or double handed.

This feature makes exercising easy yet exhausting, as all the weight is at one place and so does need a lot of power and strength.

The Handle Construction: Dumbbells

Talking about dumbbells, we all know it is completely opposite to a kettlebell. The weight is perfectly balanced on both sides and the handle is in the center. You can easily grab on to the handle in the middle and exercise with complete ease.

This helps in having a constant pressure and force while working out. Now, many people might find this difference as a minute one, but it does have a huge role when it comes to selecting the appropriate tool for your fitness goal.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – Swing

The Swing: Kettlebell

As mentioned above, the difference in the place of the weight affects the muscular movements you could perform. For those who have already used kettlebells, you might be well aware that they are very convenient to use specially for swings.

As the weight is right at the center, kettlebell swings are usually easily performed. This also depends on if you have chosen the right sized kettlebell. This movement strengthens your arm as well as shoulder muscles.

Apart from that there are many such exercises that need that momentum, which can easily be performed with the kettlebells. These exercises cannot be done with the use of dumbbells because of the difference in the concentration of the weights.

So, my suggestion to you would be if you’re looking for some tough power workouts go for kettlebells over dumbbells.

 General Weight Training

When it comes to static training, dumbbells are more preferable. Since the weight is on both sides and the handle in the center it is easy to control the pace and the weights. Also if you are in the desire to gain muscles and body weight, it is advisable to go for dumbbells as in these exercises less muscles are required.

If you choose to focus on a specific muscle group or certain parts of the body and perform exercises such as multi-joint exercises, dumbbells are the ideal equipment you should opt for.

The basic summary is that, if you’re for the static workouts dumbbells are your way for it and if you’re into the workouts that require a momentum such as the swings, then kettlebells should be your ultimate purchase.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – Advantages

The Advantages of Working-Out With The Use Of Kettlebells

  • You get the better grip

When you’re using kettlebells you get to have a strong and firm grip on it, which helps you in turn to complete your exercises without any inconvenience or worry. As the handle of the kettlebells are thick, they help in improving the strength of your grip and thereby also support other exercises such as the pull-ups.

  • Easy to do swings

Swings are the ultimate exercises most people do when it comes to their intensive regime. This isn’t possible with dumbbells, but with the use of kettlebells it’s like a piece of cake. All you got to do is stand with your feet apart, keep your back straight, bend your knees a little and swing the kettlebell between your legs. 

  • Day-to-day activities become simple

Kettlebells are known to increase your functional strength by targeting all muscle groups.  It boosts your ability to carry out your daily routine work as in lifting heavy bags with ease.

  • Full Cardio workout

Kettlebell swings, develops your posterior chain whilst burning the extra calories resulting in optimal weight loss. The high intensity work out tends in increasing your heart rate and strengthening your back.

  • The Racked Lunges

With the use of kettlebell you could easily perform lunges on both sides. This not only makes it convenient for you, but also helps you in upgrading from doing the lower ones to being able to do full body lunges

  • Efficient complex moves

Complex moves and exercises are better performed with kettlebells rather than dumbbells. As the whole weight is concentrated in the center, intensive exercises are easy to accomplish. Whereas when it comes to dumbbells, the situation is the opposite.

The Advantages of Working-Out With The Use Of Dumbbells

  • Easy to hold

Having a firm grip on kettlebells can be easy when it comes to doing swings, but for other exercises dumbbells are much more, easier to hold and accomplish the fitness goals.

  • Better for beginners to start with

Now as for beginners, it’s pretty obvious that they would start off with simple and easy static exercises rather than opting for tough ones and so for that the dumbbells are the perfect exercising tools required.

  • The Snatches

One of the best ways of toning your arms as well your shoulders is by doing the dumbbell snatches. All you have to do is, place the dumbbell on the floor, do a squat in order to lift it and then raise it right over your head. With this you can also increase your heart-rate.

  • Stability check

Dumbbells are much more stable and static. Working-out gets much more easy and fun because of this very feature. It is like you get all the possible things you wished for without having to tire yourself for it.

  • It is cheaper

As a matter of fact, dumbbells are cheaper and of great quality than compared to the kettlebells. They even last long and require very less maintenance and storage responsibility.

  • A better option for bilateral training

Dumbbells are great for both i.e. sides and body work-outs. Bicep curls as well as lateral raises can be done with efficiency.

  • Best for muscle build-up

With the weight equally divided, you could increase your body muscles and acquire the perfect body type you wish for. Dumbbells are great for building up body muscles and also increasing your strength at the same time.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – What to Opt For

When should you opt for a Kettlebell?

If you are looking for some great high level weight training, I would highly recommend you to go for the kettlebell. Because of the way the mass is distributed, you can effortlessly perform cleans, push-ups, swings and many other exercises without facing any sort of discomfort or mishap. 

If you aren’t at the beginning stages of fitness training and have a great desire for the advanced work-outs, this purchase is exactly what could satisfy that desire. 

In the modern days, kettlebells have become much popular among the gyms and the fitness freaks, due to which people randomly end up buying them without knowing if it’s ideal for them or not. I would suggest you to not go for kettlebells if you are a newbie. 

However, if you trust your instincts and feel that it is what you need and you will be able to manage the level of intensity provided by it, Go For It! 

When should you opt for a Dumbbell?

Using a dumbbell is comparatively easier than using a kettlebell. Especially when it comes to beginners, a dumbbell is better. If you are completely new to the fitness world, my recommendation would be to start with dumbbells. 

They are simple and static. Believe it or not, dumbbells do have the ability to make you feel more stable than you would feel while working-out with kettlebells. This is best tool for any newbie. 

Also, apart from them, even if you have been into training for quite a while and are in the need to pay more attention to the muscles, Dumbbells are perfect. Studies have shown that the increase in the body muscles is slightly higher with the use of dumbbells than with the use of kettlebells.  

As a matter or observation, dumbbells have been in the market for quite some time and they are also seen on large scale in almost all training centers and gyms. There are a huge variety of exercises you could perform with them even if you are a beginner. 

If you are in want to weight gain but at a slow rate, i.e. in small increments, you should surely opt for dumbbells. You wouldn’t be disappointed with the results. Also they are easier to store.

Kettlebell vs Dumbbell – Pros

Pros of Using a Kettlebell

  • Best for intense cardio work-out
  • Improves the grip and the holding capacity
  • Having a large variety of exercises to go with
  • Complex movements can be performed with ease
  • Ideal for the ones wanting advanced trainings.

Pros of using Dumbbells

  • Best for beginners
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Bilateral training can be done in a better way
  • Quite cheap and long lasting
  • Easy to maintain

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