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What is the Onnit Kettlebell?

The Onnit brand kick-started by Joe Rogan, is well known in the fitness industry for its premium exercise equipment. Onnit products give more importance to functional training and fitness. This involves everyday movement of body.

The Company is involved into manufacturing various fitness equipment. However one of the most famous of those is the Onnit Kettlebell.

Design of the Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit Kettlebells are made up of 100% cast iron using the gravity cast molding technique. This provides a smooth finish and makes it more durable compared to other kettlebells available on market. The chip resistant coating ensures better maneuverability while using the kettlebell.

The solid diameter of 33mm handle fits perfectly in the grip. This makes your workout experience more comfortable and safe. The handle is not too slim that it carries risk of slipping away from hand. Nor is it too big that it becomes too difficult to grab it comfortably.  

The bottom of Onnit kettlebell is machine finished. This makes the bottom very stable and sits on the floor comfortably.

Weight of the Onnit Kettlebell

Onnit kettlebells are available from 4kg to 32kg. The weight of each kettlebell in clearly engraved on back side. If you are just a beginner in the fitness world, you can start with lower weight kettlebells. 

If you are a thorough fitness freak who lets out your inner beast out during a workout, you can opt for the heavier kettlebells. There is something for everyone.

The company has also given good thought towards the hassle of arranging kettlebells as per weight post workout. They have color coded the kettlebells as per the weight. This helps in arranging kettlebells weight wise. 

Also this indirectly prevents the accidental hoist of two different weighing kettlebells over your head. This small but well thought of feature of color coding as per weight is very useful.

Types of Onnit Kettlebells

Onnit has various characters designed on the kettlebells. Along with normal round kettlebells, they have Primal, Legend and Zombie Kettlebells series. Each comes with different 3D front design.

When you love looking at your work out equipment, you get excited to begin your training. That is one of the motto behind creating the 3D faces on the kettlebells.

The finish and coating is sophisticated and is a class apart. There is no compromise on quality front.

Primal series ranges from 18lb to 90 lb weight. This series has a 18lb Howler, a 36lb Chimp, a 54lb Orangutan, a 72lb Gorilla and the heaviest of all is the 90lb Bigfoot.

Legend series ranges from 12kg to 28kg weight. This includes the 12kg Harpy, the 20kg Cyclops and the 28kg Werewolf.

Zombie kettlebells include 18lb, 26lb, 54lb, 72lb weight.

Who can use the Onnit Kettlebells?

Men and women of all age group can use Onnit kettlebells. Whether you have just stepped into fitness world or just looking to shed few extra calories or have been a fitness enthusiast for long term, these kettlebells are for everyone.

The entire family can use Onnit kettlebells. You can also carry it during travel so your regular exercise is not missed. They are easy to carry.

How to use the Onnit kettlebell?

Regular use of Onnit kettlebells increases your stamina, builds strength and overall flexibility. Common mistake that beginners tend to make is start aggressive workout when starting with kettlebells (or any new fitness equipment). This may cause unwanted injury and you end up never using that equipment.

If you are a beginner, avoid starting with the heavier weight. Start with lower weight first. Learn how to use Onnit kettlebells and how your body reacts to the exercises performed with kettlebells. You will slowly understand which work out suits your body.

Then gradually move towards higher weight. This will avoid unnecessary sprain on your body. Also you will achieve your fitness goals in time.

If used correctly, Onnit kettlebells are enough to upper body, lower body and cardio workout. This can be used for routine exercise, burning extra calories, muscle toning, ballistic exercises, building overall body strength or vigorous work out.

Types of workouts with Onnit kettlebells

You can use single Onnit kettlebell or two depending on the exercise that you are doing.

You can use Onnit kettlebells like normal dumbbells for lifting exercise. You can swing kettlebells or squat by lifting kettlebells. Onnit kettlebells can be used at home in routine exercise as well as by routine gym goers.

Farmer’s walk is also one kind of exercise that can be done using Onnit kettlebells. You can just lift two kettlebells on your sides and walk. This walk is good exercise for your hips and back.

A normal squat while holding kettlebell with the preferred weight is also one form of exercise. Also you can hold kettlebell over your head while squatting. Squatting with kettlebell improves the shoulder as well as back strength.

Some people also perform Lunge and Reverse Lunge with Onnit kettlebells held on sides or overhead. This helps in strengthening shoulders, knees and back.

Swinging is also another form of exercise. This can be done by holding single Onnit kettlebell and bringing it in front of your body till shoulder length and then sending it down in swing manner. This strengthens your biceps and shoulders.

And of course there are many more exercises that can be done with this single equipment.

Onnit Academy

Onnit Academy is involved in imparting the knowledge of kettlebell use via various certification courses they offer. From learning the basics of kettlebell to thorough use of kettlebells, everything is covered. They offer Foundation and Specialist course which can be used by beginners and fitness enthusiast respectively.


Onnit kettlebell is a single equipment for overall body fitness training. This can be used for various exercise forms and by anyone at home or at gym. You can also check our review on Kettlebell Kings

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