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Year after year, Kettlebells are getting more and more in trend for various kinds of exercises and workout routines. These are tools that pretty simple and yet very well constructed for daily use.

They are known for their assistance to all kinds of people; whether it is an athlete, a gym trainer, a sportsman, etc. We are going to check in detail about the Rogue kettlebells and all its features.

The Rogue Kettlebells are one of the best, selling equipment available on the market. These have been on the market for quite a while now, and have gained the trust of all its buyers. They are very carefully made to provide optimum comfort to the users.

These are much more durable as compared to the other kettlebells available and at the same give a different feeling that other equipment can’t.

Its entire look is unique and modern. If you want to find best quality Kettlebells for your exercise, Rogue is the place to find them.

Construction and Casting of the Rouge Kettlebell

These Kettlebells are made of superior quality iron and have one cast. It isn’t made of various types of iron but instead from a single piece of iron, which means no additional iron pieces used. This makes it reliable and stiff.

It is made into one whole solid product and has no rough patches or plugs, which makes it stand out as compared to other ordinary Kettlebells. If given a closer look, you can clearly see its specialties and differences as compared to other low quality kettlebells available. Rogue is best for such great products that too at amazing prices.

The casting process used is propriety which helps in providing a clean and outstanding result. The finish look is natural and magnificent. It has a lovely matt coat finish which makes it possible to hold it the way it is or use chalk if wanted.

It also has a void free surface.  This prevents early rusting which usually tends to occur when the Kettlebell isn’t used often or is just stored in some room/cupboard. 

Handle of the Rouge Kettlebell

Unlike other kettlebells, the Rogue Kettlebells have wide and broad handles. The texture is smooth yet rough to provide perfect grip and support. They are very easy to carry and use.

The diameter of the handle is thought well and constructed in order to make it simple for anyone and everyone to hold. People with small hands or large hands, both face no issues.

These handles also have colored rings around them at the bottom. Each bell of a different weight has a different color. This quality makes it very efficient for the people working out to pick up various weights without having to spend time searching for the ideal weight needed.

It can be used with or without chalk as per your convenience. The handle in itself has a textured finish and is suitable to use without chalk. Some people prefer using chalk as it is more comfortable for them.

The bottom line remains that it serves best both ways, with or without chalk. The grip is fabulous, feels tight and moves very less even while doing swing exercises.

Flat Base of the Rouge Kettlebell

As said earlier, the kettlebell has a really sturdy and flat base. This shows that there will be almost zero number of mishaps that could occur due to its weight. It stays steady and firm wherever kept.

You will have absolutely no reasons to worry about it rolling off the ground, falling off places, etc. It makes storing and handling it much more simple and effortless.

Colors of the Rouge Kettlebell

One of the best features of the Rogue Kettlebells is the color-code feature. Every kettlebell is assigned a particular color that makes it stand out and easily noticeable.

People find it fun and at the same time astonishing to be able to distinguish different weight sizes based on their color. This even helps in finishing your workout with a continuous flow without any pauses.

The other part of this feature is that, it also makes it look different than the other gym equipment present.

The colors in themselves are beautiful and are available in variety of options for your better selection. This is another quality that makes the Rogue Kettlebells unique and unlike the ordinary kettlebells.

Comfort, Performance and Durability

The level of comfort delivered by these kettlebells is excellent. Many kettlebells feel easy to use at the start and then get a bit tough to handle with use, but that’s never the case when it comes to Rogue.

They provide outstanding feel and a hundred percent of guaranteed comfort while using it for your different exercises.

The performance too is mind-blowing. Most kettlebells get a little complicated to use after a certain time because of the rust or the patches that develop. But when it comes to these kettlebells, they show no change even if used for a very long period of time.

The durability is very high compared to others. As they are manufactured from single cast iron, it becomes a single strong item with no additional material used.  Thus, there are no chances of it breaking down. They are specially designed in this manner for the sole purpose of lasting long and being the first preference of many people.


One of the most fascinating characteristics of the 40lb Rogue Kettlebell is that it has gone through the Army Combat Fitness Test. This means that it has been granted the official approval to be used in the Army’s Combat Fitness test of the United States.

This is a readiness assessment of 6-events that replaced the previous 3-event assessment. This very feature becomes a big deal, as not any random Kettlebell available in the market could make it through this.

Price of the Rouge Kettlebell

Many-a-times, we tend to get a quality product at a huge price but never a great product for an affordable price. The Rogue kettlebells are surprisingly quite cheap. It may seem a little costly for some, but for a product like this, it is worth it. It has the exact value for money.

Not once will the thought of wasting money come in your head after purchasing it. It has all the appropriate details and features needed by any fitness freak to be able to exercise with complete satisfaction.

The durability and perfect construction are the two very important reasons why you should go for this equipment.

Reliable Shipping

When it comes to Rogue, the shipping is tension-free and very reliable. Majority of the people tend to have bad experiences with the shipping quality of the local brands. Whereas, Rogue makes sure that it provides you with professional and fast shipping right at your doorstep.

The kettlebells get packaged with extra care and you are given the facility to track your order starting from the factory to your very own doorstep. This can be done with complete ease from wherever you are and whenever you need it. The shipping price too is quite affordable.

Overall Summary of the Rouge Kettlebell

So as seen in the entire review, there isn’t anything to lose while buying the Rogue Kettlebells. They seem to be the ideal and standard bell required for optimum amount of exercise and happiness at a reasonable cost.

Yes, there might be other kettlebells available in the market at a lower rate, but with Rogue you know your, going to get the best quality item you could ever wish for. It is reliable and easy to use.

Rogue Kettlebells are ideal products that I would recommend to anyone at all times. You can also check our review on Bowflex Kettlebells.

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