Yes4All Kettlebell Review


Are you in search of the perfect kettlebell to fit your daily workout routine? The Yes4All Kettlebells are the best products to meet just your needs.

The Yes4All Company has been among one of the best companies on the market when it comes to kettlebells since a long period of time. They are known for their gym equipments and quality products.

The Yes4All kettlebells are quite similar to other kettlebells you might have seen so far but there are many small and unique differences that make them different than usual. They are suitable for people of any age, except kids.

It is quite essential to get the ideal and appropriate kind of kettlebell for one’s regular exercise, or it might end up spoiling the feel and the whole essence of working out.

The Yes4All Kettlebells are used by many gym trainers as well as common people because it helps in getting quality workout done. The feel and the essence experienced while using these kettlebells is just different.

Today in this review, I will tell you everything about the Yes4all kettlebells; their features, characteristics, etc in detail.

Construction of the Yes4All Kettlebell

The material used for the construction is high-quality solid cast iron. It is also coated with a layer of vinyl coat to prevent any damages that might happen to your floor. This also helps in giving it an elegant finished look.

It is completely anti-rust and so lasts for decades. No seams or welds are made use of while manufacturing these kettlebells. This makes sure that no patches or breakouts could appear when you make use of it. This ensures that the kettlebell is strong and durable.

The vinyl coating is shiny and blue in color. This coating also helps in reducing noises while exercising and at the same time supplements its appearance. It is a thicker coat compared to the coat applied on ordinary kettlebells.

The handle is of solid steel making it firm and easy for holding. The final outcome is stunning and quite smooth. The Yes4All brand is known for quality equipment.

Handle of the Yes4All Kettlebell

As said earlier, the handle of this kettlebell is made from solid steel. It is also wide in terms of breadth if compared to other kettlebell handles. This wide feature makes it comfortable for you to carry the bell effortlessly.

Although the handle has a coating of vinyl and also a beautiful texture design to provide a firm grip, yet it can be used with or without chalk.

Most kettlebells with steel handle feel rough and hard to use, but that’s not the case when it comes to Yes4All Kettlebells. It is smooth but yet not so smooth that it may slip off from your hand.

Either way, with or without chalk, both ways can be used as per your own convenience. The use of chalk will provide a much better grip, but yet again the opinion varies from person to person.

Flat Base of the Yes4All Kettlebell

There are many instances where mishaps happen due to the uneven bottom of the kettlebells. The Yes4All Kettlebells are structured in such a manner that they stay sturdy and upright wherever stored.

That flat bottom also makes it suitable for handstands or even renegade rows. Due to such a smooth and leveled bottom, you can enlarge your exercising options.

These kettlebells are very safe and strong and can be used even for push-ups or military press.

Color and Design of the Yes4All Kettlebell

The Yes4all Kettlebells have a smooth black finish for the handle and also a bright blue vinyl color that make it stand out when compared to other ordinary kettlebells. This makes you find your kettlebell with complete ease when you get started with your kettlebell exercises.

It also makes your gym or the place you workout look colorful and elegant at the same time.

The design and structure is made with utmost care to provide hundred percent satisfaction. Apart from this, the whole cast iron makes it strong and solid. 

This ensures you get equipment which cannot get damaged easily. If you are looking for high quality kettlebells and also nice-looking ones, the Yes4All is the place to find them.

Durability and Performance of the Yes4All Kettlebell

Most of the Kettlebells available on the market tend to get rusted and get spoiled over a period of time. Yes4Allkettlebells however last long and manage to provide the same level of satisfaction in the long run.

The vinyl coating too is pretty durable. It doesn’t come off easily and remains firm.

The performance level of the Yes4All kettlebells is high when compared to the other kettlebells. Over a period of time, using the ordinary kettlebells could end up getting difficult because of the developed patches and rusted areas. 

However when you use Yes4All kettlebells, you do not let any of those problems come in the way of you and your exercise.

This specific characteristic makes the Yes4All kettlebells an excellent buy.

Price of the Yes4All Kettlebell

There is always a debate when it comes to getting quality product at a reasonable price, but that’s not the case here. The price for it is good while keeping in mind the amazing features and quality.

Apart from that it, there is also a one year warranty provided along with the kettlebells. This puts you at ease, when thinking of the long run. So, to put in simple words, there isn’t any losing when you buy this product.

The Bottom Line

The Vinyl Coated Yes4All Kettlebells are remarkable equipment for gym training and other body workouts. They are available in various weights as per your convenience.

The look, quality and construction are very good. People from beginner exercisers right to known athletes and sportsmen, all could benefit a lot from these Kettlebells. It is absolutely the ideal gym equipment you could ever wish for!

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